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Fitting Instructions

A trade professional is required for the installation of this unit who will assess both the floor and wall for suitable fixings to ensure a secure installation is completed. It is essential that the floor and wall to which the product is to be installed are level and flat prior to starting the installation.

Note: Due to varying nature of floor and wall construction, the responsibility for secure fixing lies with the fitter. (Fastenings are not supplied but 6mm or 8mm diameter recommended.)

1- With the wall flange at 'A' removed from the rail, slide the step over tubular curved hand rail and using 4 M6 screws, secure step to rail flange at 'B' (the step is universal, can be LH or RH).

2- (a) Using 4 M6 screws assemble the short leg to the step at 'C' aligning the foot flange 'D' in the same angle as the rail. (b) Fix wall flange 'A' to the curved rail with the supplied screws.

3- Position the Bath Aid in the preferred position over the bath. Carefully mark the hole positions for the wall and floor flanges accordingly and secure the tubular curved handrail ensuring that 'E' and 'F' are aligned for total stability.

4- Being careful to avoid cables and pipes in wall and floor, drill fixing holes as appropriate for the fastenings to be used. If the wall is studded, special fastenings will be required. The floor fixing must be firmly fitted as it takes the majority of the weight load from the handrail. Hex headed fastenings are recommended for the floor fixing to facilitate easy tightening with a socket spanner.

Care Instructions
Clean with mild detergent and dry with soft cloth. Do not use abrasives or bleaches.

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